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What is Product Liability?

Every year in the United States, thousands of people are injured as a result of defective products. For a company to place a product in the market for sale, it must have complied with a series of standards and requirements established to ensure its quality....

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What causes most truck accidents?

Auto accidents involving large trucks are among the most devastating and damaging. The size and weight of a large truck are simply no match for smaller vehicles. Truck drivers often get a “bad rap” when a truck accident occurs. But is that really fair? What are the...

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Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids

Riding a bicycle is an excellent source of fun, exercise, and adventure. Unfortunately, it can also be a source of injury, especially if the rider is inexperienced or not adequately geared. At SM Law, we want families to enjoy bicycling as much as possible. That means...

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FAQs about Lemon Law

Have you recently purchased a vehicle only to find that it has defects? You may have a lemon. But how do you know? And where do you go for answers? At SM Law, we are here for you! Take a look at these frequently asked questions about California’s Lemon Law. Then, give...

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Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Every year, millions of Americans seek emergency treatment for slip and fall accidents and injuries. Many of these accidents are sadly the result of a property owner or caretaker who did not maintain a safe environment. The result of this negligence is a variety of...

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