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Scenarios That Make a Car Accident Criminal

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day, at all times, and at any time. No matter how careful we may be when driving, there will always be situations where we may encounter reckless drivers, drivers with little driving experience, other accidents, or different...

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Pregnant women and Car Accidents

We are all afraid of having a car accidentâ â€”now imagine a woman having one while pregnant. Accidents that occur while a woman is pregnant should not be taken lightly, even if we think it was a minor accident.   According to research...

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Defining Common Personal Injury Terms

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where people speak to you using technical terms that you don't know or understand? It is a highly frustrating experience. But, of course, we cannot be experts in all fields and areas of science and other subjects. That is...

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How do I know if I have a Personal Injury Case?

Simply being the victim of an accident does not necessarily mean that you have a valid case to take to court. Different circumstances surrounding the event should be considered to help you determine if you have a case strong enough to obtain compensation for damages....

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Fire Damage to Properties and People

We have all seen fire trucks passing by us at high speed, their sirens on. We have probably stared at them with great concern. Just thinking about a fire and the possible losses—human and material—can easily make us get...

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Pedestrian Accidents at Night

Everyone at some point of the day or week is a pedestrian, whether we go for a walk, walk our dog, or go for a run. While we as pedestrians must be cautious and obey traffic signals, we trust that drivers will do the same and that they will uphold their duty to care...

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