Every year in the United States, thousands of people are injured as a result of defective products. For a company to place a product in the market for sale, it must have complied with a series of standards and requirements established to ensure its quality.

Unfortunately, despite the strict regulations, there are situations where something goes wrong, and a person can be injured.

For these cases, we have the “Product Responsibility Law” which refers to a set of rules that determine who should assume responsibility for the failure of a product. These rules are handled very differently from ordinary personal injury laws.

“Product Responsibility Law” refers to the responsibility that each manufacturer, seller, or distributor has when placing a product in the market that may reach the hands of a consumer. When a product causes injury, everyone involved in the manufacturing and sales chain can be held liable, from the parts and components manufacturer to the assembly manufacturer, distributors, salespeople, and retail stores’ persons.

There are no federal laws regulating product liability; instead, they are handled at the state level. These types of lawsuits are based on theories of negligence, liability, and breach of warranty. So, if a product causes you an injury, you would most likely have enough elements to file a lawsuit. It would be best if you had the support of a lawyer specialized in these types of cases who know the city’s laws and state procedures where you live.

The liability of manufacturers and suppliers includes the following types of defect:

  • Design defect: In this type, the danger may be present before the product is manufactured. It refers to a design that can be highly dangerous for the consumer during use.
  • Manufacturing defect: The design is correct, but there are flaws during the manufacturing and construction of the product. In the cases of mass production, only some products have a defect of this type.
  • Marketing defect: refers to a lack of or inadequate instructions and a lack of warnings and risks to be considered by the consumer during the use of the product.

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