Product Liability

What is a Product Liability Claim?

Every year, thousands of people suffer harm due to dangerous or defective products that reach the consumer market despite health and safety regulations and consumer protection laws. In many cases, consumers are harmed because manufacturers fail to follow regulations, fail to perform adequate testing or fail to correct a known defect.
When a consumer is harmed due to a dangerous or defective product, the manufacturer is responsible for compensating them for their injuries.

Consumers can do this by filing a product liability claim. A product liability claim can compensate consumers for medical costs, lost wages, permanent disability, and other financial losses.

Common Product Liability Claims

Product liability is a vast area of law due to the sheer number of products that are developed and manufactured each year. Claims related to dangerous or defective products are often categorized into one or more of the following:

Design Defects – Design defects occur before a product is manufactured. The design of the product may contain a defect that will impact safety when the product is used. If the product is manufactured and reaches consumers, the company will be liable for any injuries caused by the defect.

Manufacturing Defects – Manufacturing defects occur during the manufacturing process. In most cases, not all products on an assembly line will be defective, but one or more items may have a defect that causes a part to come loose or break, or the product may be contaminated with foreign material.

Failure to Warn – Failure to warn claims involve products that were not properly labeled, were mislabeled or did not contain adequate safety information.

Have You Been Harmed by a Dangerous or Defective Product?

If you or someone you love has been injured by a dangerous or defective product, contact Sahar Malek Law to find out if you qualify for a product liability claim.