Riding a bicycle is an excellent source of fun, exercise, and adventure. Unfortunately, it can also be a source of injury, especially if the rider is inexperienced or not adequately geared. At SM Law, we want families to enjoy bicycling as much as possible. That means avoiding potential hazards and risks.


In today’s post, we discuss bicycle safety tips for kids. Many of these tips can be adapted for adults also. As we all know, bicycle accidents, injuries, and even deaths can happen at any age.


Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids


Keep your kids as safe as possible while bicycling with these tips:


  •  Make sure the bicycle is the appropriate size for your child. Generally, there should be around 1-2 inches between the rider and the top tube for regular bikes. There should be 3-4 inches for mountain bikes.


  • Before you and/or your kids ride, check equipment to ensure the bicycle is in proper working order. Check the brakes and tire inflation.


  • Always wear a properly-fitting helmet, even if the child is only bicycling on your driveway or in your yard.


  • If your kids want to bicycle down the road, have them use a sidewalk whenever possible. When it is not possible, they should ride with an adult and ride with traffic flow.


  • Always wear bright colors or reflective gear when bicycling. Reflectors on clothing and the bicycle can help improve visibility and reduce the risk of an accident.


  • If your kids are not very experienced on a bicycle, ride with them. Never let inexperienced riders ride without adult supervision.


  • Never let kids ride their bicycles at night. It is challenging for drivers to see bicyclists at night. The smaller your kids are, the harder it will be for them to be visible.


No matter what age you are, riding a bicycle can be dangerous. But by utilizing proper safety gear and recommendations, you and your family can enjoy bicycling in the many California areas that offer stunning bicycle trails.