Everyone at some point of the day or week is a pedestrian, whether we go for a walk, walk our dog, or go for a run. While we as pedestrians must be cautious and obey traffic signals, we trust that drivers will do the same and that they will uphold their duty to care for others while driving.


According to recent studies conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it has been observed that the number of pedestrians who die in traffic accidents is increasing and that most of these accidents occur at night.


Although we believe that in an accident of this type, the driver is always at fault, there are times when pedestrians also engage in negligent behavior that can put them in danger.


What is essential to consider for people who have to or want to go for a walk at night? Here are five tips to keep in mind:


  • Make yourself as visible as possible. If your clothes tend to be dark, it will be more difficult for a driver to see you. Try to wear more striking clothes. Wearing a reflective vest is a great way to guarantee you are always visible. 


  • Stay away from poorly lit areas. Try to walk in places that are well lit. The darker the area you walk through, the harder it will be to see you, especially if the driver’s lights are not working optimally.


  • Obey all road signs. It is crucial to obey all traffic signals, like traffic lights, or crossing the street only in pedestrian crossing areas. In general, these areas tend to be well marked and have better lighting.


  • Consider the weather. It would be best if you considered the weather that exists at that time. If it is raining heavily, there is fog, or it is snowing, there is a greater chance that drivers will have trouble seeing you and controlling their vehicles. If possible, stay at home or use a different transportation method when there are bad weather conditions.


  • Be careful if you are under the influence of any substance. Drivers are not only ones that need to take this account, but pedestrians as well. If you have consumed alcohol or some other substance, do not go for a walk.