If you have slipped and fallen while on someone else’s property, you are likely asking questions like “who is responsible?†and “can I sue?†The answer to the second question often depends on the answer to the first question. Let’s take a closer look.

If your slip and fall accident was due to a hazard or obstacle that should not have been there, then the property owner or whoever manages the property may be legally responsible for the accident and injuries.

For example, if a grocery store manager knows about a leak in the roof but does not have signage placed or repairs made, and you slip and fall on the water that you can’t see, then the manager or business is responsible for the accident.

If you are running through the store or are not paying attention and trip over a fall hazard sign and get hurt, you will not be able to sue the manager or business. You were distracted and did not heed the warning signs, thus causing your injuries.

If the former is the case and the manager or business is responsible, you can sue him, her, or the company to recover money for your injuries.

To sue someone for a slip and fall accident, you must establish the following:

· How the accident happened

· Who is at fault

Should you rely on the other party’s insurance to cover your injuries? No! Before accepting any settlement offer, you should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your situation. The insurance company may offer you less than what you deserve.

In addition to ensuring that you are justly compensated, a skilled personal injury attorney may also be able to negotiate a fairer settlement before you file a lawsuit.

Every case is different, which is why it is vital to contact an attorney to discuss your case in detail. To learn more about your options after a slip and fall accident, contact Sahar Malek Law, APC, in Los Angeles.

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