If you are injured in an accident, you have a certain amount of time by which to file a lawsuit. This deadline is called the statute of limitations. Once that deadline expires, you may not be able to take legal action in your case. It is essential to understand the statute of limitations if you are injured and are considering filing a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Most injury cases fall under personal injury law. Personal injuries may include:

· Auto accidents

· Medical malpractice

· Birth injuries

· Nursing home abuse

· Slip and fall accidents

· Certain workplace accidents

The statute of limitations varies by state. In California, the general statute of limitations is two years to file a lawsuit based on personal injuries. There are some exceptions to this statute of limitations rule, however.

These exceptions include:

· Having only six months to file a lawsuit against a government agency.

· If the injured person is a minor (under 18), the statute of limitations does not begin until he or she is 18. That means he or she has two years from their 18th birthday to file a lawsuit. This does not necessarily apply if you are filing against a governmental agency/entity.

· If you have a claim for injuries resulting from medical malpractice, the statute of limitations is one year from the date you knew or should have known about the injury.  

Get Help Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are injured and are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, it is crucial to speak with a personal injury attorney about your situation. The statute of limitations is an essential factor of any personal injury case. You must know when the statute of limitations begins and is expected to expire. If you allow the statute of limitations to expire, then you may not be able to pursue compensation for your injuries.

A personal injury attorney can help you make sure that you do not lose your opportunity to pursue compensation and justice for your injuries. Here at Sahar Malek Law, APC in Beverly Hills, our telephone lines are open, and our expert team is available to consult on these legal matters.