Frequent Questions

Do I really need a lawyer?

Some statistics have shown that people who hire a lawyer to handle their personal injury cases generally receive 33% more than they would have received without legal representation. However, this is not always the case. There are times where personal injury victims do not need legal representation and can handle the case themselves. To determine whether or not you even need a lawyer, come in or call and talk to us. Tell us your situation and we will be honest in telling you whether or not your case will be better off with a lawyer.

What is a lemon?

“Lemon” is the term given to a new or used car that has recurring or returning problems or defects, despite numerous repair attempts. Make sure to contact us to determine whether your vehicle could qualify as a lemon.

What if my car is a lemon?

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly referred to as the “California Lemon Law” is one of many consumer protection statutes that provides for remedies to those consumers who are affected by a “lemon.” This law requires the manufacturer to replace or repurchase your vehicle if it is a lemon.

Can my truck or van be a lemon?


What is used car fraud?

Used car fraud encompasses an array of fraudulent activity associated with the sale of a used car. Examples include selling the car without disclosing prior accidents, salvage title of the vehicle, or odometer tampering. Many people do not realize that consumer protection laws are applicable even to those purchasing used cars.

What is repair fraud?

Repair fraud typically occurs when a mechanic or body shop employee performs or attempts to perform repairs on your vehicle that were not necessary or, conversely, does not perform the repairs that they were supposed to perform on your vehicle.